Alday Farm a Florida raw milk producer,and headquarters for Jersey Girls Raw Dairy Farm.
Our 100% grass fed cows give 100% all natural “REAL, LIVE” milk.

We guarantee all products to be “UDDERLY JERSEYLICIOUS”.

We promote non-certified organic methods of raising our small herd of Jersey cows.The cow pastures are organically fertilized, often with the skim milk and whey from butter and cheese production. No Grain, hormones, antibiotics, steroids or GMO’s are used. The cows are pastured 23 hours a day on a grass selected for improved nutritive value. When its milking time they receive non-GMO Alfalfa hay/pellets and then return to their pasture where they rest in the shade under the live oaks.
We have chosen a 100% grass fed program for many reasons. First we think that it is natural for the cow to graze and eat grass. Here in Florida with our mild winters it is possible for us to do this. With a lot of research, we believe it to be much healthier.

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